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Driving Success through Industrial Data Analysis: Harnessing Insights for Optimal Performance


Seamless Integration. Precise Control. Unleashing the Potential of Industrial Data


Visualizing Industrial Data for Clear Insights and Informed Decision-Making

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The GUIView SCADA/HMI software is designed for power, openness, simplicity, flexibility and security with deployability in any automation and process control sector.

Serial Over Ethernet

Gcom allows users to connect easily to the communication via TCP/IP protocol. It can directly connect with a remote port by using a TCP/IP connection


IIoT Gateway is an advanced operation control system consisting of customized hardware and a web application. We provide this web application along with a router.

Serial Virtualizer

GComm virtualizes a virtual connection between virtual COM ports and virtual null-modem cable. It provides recent technology for designing especially for developing, testing, or debugging serial port ....


GUI Builder is a real-time operation control platform that provides supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) solution as a reliable and straightforward service.


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