We are GUI, We Create Build Develop Solutions

GUIview has been working with industrial automation software for more than several years. We gained popularity in the international market due to our regular customers. GUIview providing services worldwide by using different agencies and our partners. We are providing the latest technology because we have been working on the research and development of this field.

GUI Builder provide the best solution which contains performance takes less time, cheaper, compatible, and high-level technology. Although we build a product with new and efficient technology, we try to keep our software compatible with other systems. By using our products, many businessmen reduced their production costs.

Our teamwork is based upon clients’ requirements, business solutions, and innovative ideas. We are proud of our team as they are giving the best solution in the market. Due to our team, we are giving precise, satisfied, and updated services. You can accept our help, training, and support all over the globe whenever and wherever.

We are giving high-quality technical support to our clients and another partner. Apart from it, we are giving proper training to any new users on our recent technology. We also integrate your systems on our devices, therefore you will not phase any issues.

Our Mission

Our team is a young and informal team and all team members can face any challenges because of a friendly and flexible environment. The motivation of management helps them to generate new and innovative ideas that will apply as our updated features. Our innovation policies allow users to collaborate their ideas to real-time applications and products.

Our goal is to find a solution rather than waiting for other's products. We set a new goal in the SCADA software and achieve by using our innovative and creative team. Our team always set new goals in the automation industry. Our all products are compatible and connected with the GUI view that is a manufacturing company and provides a unique service.


The GUI view is the product of PI Incorporation. PI Incorporation is a leading provider of industrial automation for many years. It combines technology with real-time projects to give the best products. The organization always gives solutions which efficient, safe, cheap, and compatible. We are always ready to solve a customer's problems and complete their dreams by giving the best product.

Our work ensures our team energy and motivation of management which is an outstanding combination for finding any solutions. Our customer's trust and rate of satisfaction give an idea about our organization. We try to put more emphasis on building a strong bond with our customers as we understand our responsibility.