GUI Builder is a real-time operation control platform that provides supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) solution as a reliable and straightforward service. It allows user flexible and simpleness options in SCADA operations. Builder provides various services along with a human-machine interface (HMI).

The main aim of our products is that manage your operation with flexibility and agility. It provides the best solution for Manufacturing Execution System (MES) & SCADA software from IIOT architecture. However, all integrated services allow users to improve the visibility and power of decision-making. It is a highly configured system that can help in your future also. .

GUIBUILDER Functionality


GUIBuilder provides designed with simplicity and speed in mind. We believe that powerful solutions don't have to be complicated. With our intuitive interface and streamlined functionalities, you can quickly set up and deploy your SCADA system, saving time and resources.

GUIBuilder have simplified the configuration process, making it straightforward to define data sources, set up communication protocols, and configure data points. Our drag-and-drop interface enables seamless customization, giving you full control over your system.

Real-time Animation using data

GUIBuilder offers data visualization to new heights with real-time animation. Our software brings your industrial data to life, providing dynamic and captivating visuals that enable real-time monitoring and analysis. Watch as charts, graphs, and gauges animate in sync with your data, allowing you to quickly identify trends, spot anomalies, and make informed decisions. With interactive controls and customizable animations, you have the power to explore and interact with your data like never before. Experience the transformative capabilities of our real-time animation feature and unlock a deeper understanding of your processes. Elevate your data visualization with GUIBuilder SCADA today.

Symbol Libraries

The software provides many features, and all parts have specific symbols. The GUI builder has an impressive library so users can quickly build and update graphical displays on the fly. One can find easily find the meaning of symbols; for example, if a simple switch is turn on, one can see a green light, whereas red light shows that the switch is turned off. There are other complex switches, dials, gauges, and other icons available these could solve your problems. In the software, we provide the software in which one can modify objects and then re-upload them symbol libraries for your future usage in the screens and projects. Apart from symbols, the software allows adding any combination of tags, aliases, expressions, or shapes to the object..

IOT Gateway

GUI BUILDER provides service with the MQTT, which can give instant integration of data in the SCADA and IIOT system. The server of MQTT can play a vital role in the server connection as it can be configured with a hybrid approach (on-premise, cloud). MQTT is considered a lightweight IoT protocol, so it can save our workload time, resulting in increased productivity. IIOt solution and different SCADA applications MQTT can be used with IoT gateways. This kind of combination allows users to get highly effective data for SCADA solutions. Moreover, users can accept high performance by using this kind of system.

Data Recording on DB

GUIBuilder offers real-time and historical data logging of different tags in ODBC related database with high configurability. Users find it easy to configure without basic technical knowledge as they only need to connect with the database using the DB connection string. Thereafter, all things like table and column generation will automatically generate and store in DB as per the selected tag.

Drivers, OPC UA, and DA connectivity

GUI builder has different drivers that enable to connect software with a specific device, systems, and other software. By using a driver, the system communicates with all types of devices. There are many PLCs found for our software that make maximum connectivity. One interesting thing is that all the drivers are free, so when you purchased software, you get drivers with it

Moreover, it offers OPC UA and DA connectivity. The OPC DA Client can be used for local legacy opc server of current data access. On the other hand, OPC UA allows access features like past events, hierarchies, and various programs.

Alarm & event management

GUI builder offers a powerful and configurable Alarm management system. All critical alarms set with priority as safety alarm has more requirements as compared to economic notice. By prioritizing alarm, user can feel better for his safety. Most of the warnings are in groups along with proper message formatting..

Apart from alarm management, we also provide service of event management. Whenever any event occurs, use will notify about it. The event might be motor started, circuit break, or anything. Having proper notification users can send reports about the maintenance of the machinery.

Security protection

GUI builder integrates with top-level security. We understand the threat of network security and know our responsibility regarding your risk that is attached to use any software. The system cannot access by the unauthorized user as we are providing a proper authentication system for data access. There are many layers of security available to secure your data. Apart from system security, we also store your data in an encrypted manner. Thus, your system and database are secure for completing your projects.

Vectorial Graphics

GUI builder offers a vector graphics engine based on Scalable Vectorial Graphics (SVG). Users can use these graphics by drag and drop. By using these kinds of pictures, users can save their precious time and stay focus on their work. Vectorial graphics are independent of screen resolution, and it can be used with multi-touch. The system has a collection of vector graphics, all of our unique and well designed, for your projects' work. Various types of pictures are supported, such as BMP, GIF, JPG, WMF, EMF, and multimedia.

Recipe Manager

GUI Builder, the best solution for Manufacturing Execution System (MES), can manage and configure formulas and advanced recipes with customizable Recipe Manager. Here, a recipe is based on the procedure and predefined steps of how the formula will be used to manufacture the required product. Here, the recipe is stored in the db (Database). The SCADA-based recipe is configurable and users can select the tag as GUI Player can offer the functionality of live recipe editing and applying the changes to the selected tag.

Users can easily manage product formulations because it is an automated process for equipment and machines. Recipe Manager simplifies the management of product formulations while enabling users to download formula parameter values and execute batches to produce a specific product on automated equipment.

Reporting tool

Our GUI Report Designer comes equipped with a powerful reporting tool that empowers you to generate comprehensive and insightful reports with ease. Our reporting tool offers a wide range of customizable options, allowing you to extract valuable data from your industrial processes and present it in a clear and concise manner. With intuitive drag-and-drop, HMI development, ODBC-related data source support, and print & export reports as JPG, PDF, PNG, etc. formats functionality, you can effortlessly design reports tailored to your specific requirements. From daily performance summaries to in-depth analysis, our reporting tool provides the flexibility and accuracy you need to monitor, evaluate, and optimize your operations.

Chart and Gauge

Charts and Gauges play a vital role in a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and the gauge tool assists users to get them accurately. It supports many types of gauges and charts and it remains easy to use with the drag-and-drop functionality. Users just need to select its properties. They can also customize the gauge as this tool supports multiple types of gauges including linear gauge, round (circular) gauge, thermometer style, etc. The chart feature in the GUI Builder is fixed but you can configure various parameters as per your requirement. This feature enables you to make a line chart, bar chart, etc.