GComm virtualizer a virtual connection between virtual COM ports and virtual null-modem cable. It provides recent technology for designing especially for developing, testing, or debugging serial port either in software or hardware. Users can use virtual COM as many as they want. If you have do not have sufficient physical COM ports, the software provides solutions to this also. Moreover, there are many systems without any real serial port, but no need to worry about it we give the best solution along with the system. Users can build connections between virtual serial interfaces by using a virtual null-modem link.

Virtualizer Functionality

Virtual Serial Port Driver

Virtual Serial Port Driver can be used for standalone solutions. You can use this technology along with your product. Users need serial communication which can be achieved by creating virtual COM port pairs rather than real COM ports. This kind of system is useful when you have occupied real serial ports, and you need more ports.

Create any number of virtual COM ports

There are many times when the user needs to create virtual COM ports as they do not have sufficient ports. The devices allow creating a virtual COM interface, which can be made by Virtual Serial Port Driver. Virtual Serial Port Drives generally available in your system, especially Device Manager. It has real ports such as RS232, RS422, or RS485. Users can use them without thinking about physical devices. It is compatible with any application so that you can install it easily. After Installation, you can use virtual COM as a physical serial interface.

Emulate real port settings

The software can quickly identify the OS because they are virtually connected. Users can manage serial port along with baud rate emulation. You can change settings according to your requirements in serial ports and their other features called Hand Flow to control, and Windows kernel driver technology (WDM, WMI, Power Management, PnP, etc.). Moreover, by using Virtual Serial Port Drive, one can check the information on the current port state and the status of the last port. You can also see the sent and receive data of serial line break.

Manage hardware signal lines

The software provides flexibility to the user. Making a connection with Virtual Serial Port is the same as a real null-model. Various hardware signal lines support it, for example, Data Carrier Detect (DCD), Data Terminal Ready (DTR), Data Set Ready (DSR), Clear to Send (CTS), Request to Send(RTS), and RI. Many users have different hardware configurations. So we provide the compatible system which can be used in loopback pinout. Moreover, you can use your system as per your requirements and needs regardless of thinking about your hardware configuration..