One of the interesting features as per the client's view is it provides a single editor for creating HMI projects. It does not the only potential but also scalable. In other words, one can create an environment that can be created without depending upon hardware and screen resolution. The users can connect with any PLC and they can also distribute the completed projects from any PC.

By using this, you can save the amount of money which could help in your financial situation. It also follows all conditions and policy which are required to complete all the needs.

GUI builder is built on one of the best language called c++. It provides flexible client-server architecture based on WinForm, which could help in distributing applications from the Windows platform. The competitive product is built as it was created with traditional, complete, and open-source technology.

By using such technology, GUIbuilder can be considered as a simple, reliable, and robust platform. That is why it has been seeing in the top list in the user's list for a long time. Although it contains high-level features, it is flexible and robust. One can connect his database with any other database and provides SVG based vector graphic engine for a simplistic approach. Moreover, It also provides a powerful VBA and JavaScript engine for creating the Instruction List. It has numerous functionality available which is easy and can be considered as intuitive development.

The user can create powerful visualization and control projects with the help of various unique tools. It provides this kind of services by using innovative technologies that allow your application to:

  • Connect remotely and distributed data local as well as remote way;
  • Easy connection and integration to all over the globe;
  • connection with different kinds of measurement and control devices, as required by the Industry 4.0 directive.

Consequently, GUIview aims to provide software solutions with a long-term partnership. We have been working for many years and we know what is the requirements of any users for the IIot Project.